April 19, 2024

6 Questions to Ask When Switching Salon Software

6 Questions to Ask When Switching Salon Software

Switching salon software is not an insignificant move. It can cause a lot of stress for companies as your team adjusts to the new processes and workflows. It can also be jarring for your customers, as they may be accustomed to a specific booking process that has now been turned on its head.

This is why we recommend asking some very important questions before switching providers so you can be confident it’s the right choice for you. Here are 6 questions you should ask before taking the plunge.

1. Will my team use it?

All of the fancy features in the world will only be helpful if your team will actually make use of them. If you have a team that is resistant to new technology, you might need to invest the time into a little more training and introduce new features slowly. 

Teams can also be resistant if they have already had to learn another system, and they might be concerned that this won’t be the last change. Get your whole team involved in the decision making process so you can get additional insight from those who will have to interact with the interface every single day.

How will this improve workflow?

2. How will this improve workflow?

It’s easy to be drawn in by marketing and sleek branding, but you need to think carefully about how the features available will actually improve workflows. Look at your current workflows and ask yourself how this new technology will help to streamline or improve the process. This could include:

  • Customer booking process
  • Appointment reminders
  • Staff scheduling
  • Stock management
  • Expenses planning
  • Revenue tracking
  • Financial projections

At the end of the day, your salon software should enhance these existing processes and make them easier. If it’s adding extra steps or making things more complicated, ask if this is really the right package for you.

3. What are the costs?

Salon software will either have a one-time cost of a subscription cost. Think about how this will be managed by your business and if this is sustainable. If there is a sliding scale based on the size of your salon or your client list, think about how growth might impact your business. You want to make sure you aren’t caught in the trap of having the cost of your software package increase at a time when you are busy and expanding your business.

What support is available?

4. What support is available?

If something goes wrong with the software package, you want to know that there will be help available. 24/7 support is standard with most digital subscriptions, but make sure you check the fine print to check if this is included with your subscription level. 

You should also look at the onboarding process and see what help is available to assist you while you get up and running. Are there training webinars you can make use of with your team? Is the support documentation helpful and clear?

5. Is this reliable?

Most salon software providers will be able to give you an idea of their average uptime. This will show you how often the software experiences outages and if they offer any guarantees. 

You can also check the fine print of the user agreement to see what level of uptime they guarantee. If this information isn’t available, check if there is a trial you can use before fully committing. This will help you to determine if the platform is functional and reliable enough for you.

What other salons are using this?

6. What other salons are using this?

Are other salons using it? And are they leaving glowing reviews? Or are they frustrated with the service? Look for online reviews to see if there are issues with the platform before you take the plunge. 

This can also be helpful to allow you to see if the company is responsive to reviews, as this indicates that they take criticism on board and use it to improve their service. You should also be able to see if the salons that are reviewing the product are a similar scale to your own. This is a key indicator that they might be facing similar challenges.

Final thoughts

Choosing the right salon software for your salon doesn’t have to be stressful. Start by making a list of needs and wants and then explore which packages offer these. Next, compare the price of the products to determine which one offers the best value. Finally, see if you can trial the product to explore the full range of features and find out if these work for you.

Moving salon software can be stressful, so if you’re making this choice for the first time or if you are switching from another package, take your time. It’s far better to take longer to choose the right package than to take the plunge with the wrong package and have to switch again at a later date. 

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