October 25, 2021

What is a beauty bar salon?

What is a beauty bar salon?

A beauty bar salon is the newest way to get your hair styling, nails done, and makeup application – all in one place. Not too long ago, salons were focussing on just one service. Blow bars are an excellent example of this.

Now, salon owners are going in the opposite direction and offering all services under one roof. Multi-skilled beauty therapists work together to offer a range of services that would otherwise be split between multiple businesses, sites and booking software.

While some will offer an appointment-only basis, others may offer walk-in appointments to help provide more flexibility. The best part about this type of salon is that there are so many different options for different types of services all under one roof, which means less time looking for a salon and more time getting pampered.

What services are typically offered in a beauty bar salon?

The services available will vary between salons. For example, services could include:

  • Hair-styling
  • Nails
  • Makeup application
  • Waxing services
  • Lashes and brows
  • Tanning
  • Massage
  • Men’s cuts
  • Facials

How is this different to a hair salon?

This is basically an evolution of the hair salon offering. Instead of focusing on a single service such as hair, it covers a range of services, so you can't get everything done in one place.

This is a great business model for salon owners, as it means they can diversify their marketing plans and attract a wide range of customers.

Why do customers like this more?

Gone are the days when you have to hit the salon for a haircut, a nail salon for nails and a spa for a massage. By combining services, customers can save time and money and get all of the services they want in one place.

Imagine you're heading out for the weekend. You want a spray tan, nails and lashes. Before the rise of the beauty bar, you'd have to book three appointments and travel between locations. When all three are offered under one roof, you can save a lot of time.

It's also easier for the beauty therapist to do their job if they know what other treatments you're having.

Should beauty bars offer walk-in appointments?

Walk-in appointments are just that - walking into a salon without an appointment to get the services you need. This is ideal if you are on an unusual schedule or if you want to treat yourself on a whim. Offering walk-in appointments will allow your customers to be far more spontaneous and could result in more expensive treatment options.

How can beauty bars promote their services?

There are several different techniques that beauty bar salons will use to market and attract new customers. One of these is coupons and offers, such as discounts on treatments or free services. If you can offer everything a customer is looking for under one roof, you're already one step ahead of the competition.

Offering free treatments as part of a combination of treatments is a great way to upsell services. Imagine a customer either wants a spray tan or a pedicure, but they aren't sure about paying for both. If you offer a free body scrub with every spray tan and pedicure combo, they are suddenly getting a lot more value. The temptation to purchase two treatments instead of one is suddenly more enticing.

You can also use the latest marketing techniques such as social media and email marketing to communicate with your customers. Social media, in particular, is great for promoting deals and sharing information about your salon. The beauty bar concept is quite new, so customers might not realise that you offer so many services. Livestreaming and creating videos is an excellent way to spread the word about your services.

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