November 10, 2021

What to say? Telling Your Boss You're Opening A Salon

What to say? Telling Your Boss You're Opening A Salon

Opening your open salon is an exciting yet stressful endeavour. Whether you are currently employed by a salon, or you are simply renting a chair from a salon, at some point you will have to have an honest conversation about your future. How you handle this conversation could have a huge impact on your future prospects.

Remember that the salon industry is small and people talk. If you handle this conversation poorly, you could leave your current role with a shadow hanging over your head. If you want to make sure your move is positive and welcomed, it’s time to start planning this difficult conversation.

Be prepared with the facts

No salon owner wants to have this conversation before you have the facts straightened out. When are you joining the new salon? What will be your last day with your current salon? And how will you honour your existing contract? Remember to look at the fine print to see if there are any rules about taking your clients with you. You should be very clear about your intentions and answer any questions your employer might have as honestly as possible.

Meet in a neutral location

Suggest you meet for a coffee somewhere away from your salon so that you can talk openly without worrying about being overheard by other members of staff. If your boss is angry or upset at your move, they are also much less likely to voice these concerns in public. If they are unreasonable about your departure, you can simply excuse yourself and leave. But if you do this at work, you’ll have to wait until the end of your shift.

Be positive 

Make sure you frame this in a positive light. You’re not leaving because you’re unhappy with the opportunities presented to you. You’re leaving because you are excited about the prospect of being your own boss. Running your own salon is something that no promotion in your current role could ever replicate. As a business owner, your boss should appreciate why you are excited. If they fear the competition, it’s because they know you are good, so don’t fall for any intimidation tactics.

Don’t be discouraged

Your boss might go on the defensive and try to tell you that you have no idea how to run your own business. While you might have a lot to learn, there’s more than one way to run a salon. Just because you don’t do things exactly like your boss, doesn't mean you won’t find success on your own. Try to remember that any discouraging words are likely the result of fear or a touch of competitive spirit. In an instant, you went from being an ally to a potential competitor, and this would scare any business owner.

Never badmouth your colleagues or your employer

You might not agree with the way things are done, and you might be leaving because you think a salon should be run differently. But leave that information out of the conversation. This will only add fuel to the fire and could potentially make your final few shifts with the company more awkward than they need to be.

If in doubt, seek legal advice

Your employer might try to restrict you from trading in a certain area or discourage you from taking your clients with you. If you’re not sure about your legal position, it’s always best to seek advice from a professional. This will allow you to hand in your notice with confidence and move on to your next chapter with no doubts hanging over you.

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