August 1, 2017

Are You Making The Most Of Your Salon Iris Subscription?


You’ve already taken the leap into the unknown by retiring your paper and pen and implementing Salon Iris Software into your business. Once you are all set up with your appointment book, staff schedules and Services you can now take appointments and begin to use Salon Iris to your advantage.

Salon Iris is so much more than just an appointment book and when used correctly you can increase your profits, manage your finances and relieve stress from becoming more organised.

Did you know with your Salon Iris Subscription you can use extra services at no extra cost and help boost your business with online booking, text reminders and email marketing?

It is easy to feel overwhelmed and therefore shy away from using these useful resources but our support staff are on hand to help you with setting up these services and answering all of your questions with no time limit and no stress.

Online booking and Facebook Booking

Salon Iris Subscription package entitles you to use Online booking and Facebook booking. It may feel like you are handing over your appointment book to your clients and losing some control but continue reading to find out why you should let this happen and how it can help your business.

  • Allowing your clients to book online can be more convenient for them as they can book at times when it may be inappropriate for them to call you such as in waiting rooms or at work. Online booking runs 24 hours a day so your customers can make appointments late at night after they have forgotten to call you during the day.  This also frees up your receptionist to concentrate on other ways to grow your business as they won’t be answering the salon phone as often.


  • Online booking can account for 40% of all of the bookings into your salon. Once you have introduced online booking to your customers they will use it as it is more convenient for them to do so. It can also introduce new customers who are browsing your website late at night to make an appointment when they cannot call you and therefore you won’t lose this potential new client.


  • If you have a business Facebook page for your salon then you can introduce online booking to your social media platform. Customers can scroll through their news feed or your Facebook page and book themselves in for appointments. Facebook opens your salon up to a massive amount of new clients as most people are now on social media.

Text messaging and Email marketing

Using text messaging and email marketing in your salon may seem like a tedious task with a ton of setting up and lots of maintenance, but do not fear, it is easy and simple to set up and once you have these in place you don’t need to touch them again unless you wish to edit or add new marketing campaigns.

  • The most important thing Text message reminders can do for your business is to cut down on no shows. Most people have a phone these days and it is the best way to communicate with your customers, a text message is instant and it will tell you on your system whether it has been delivered or not to the customer’s phone.


  • Email marketing is a very powerful tool for your business to drive for repeat business. Some people need an incentive to return to your salon such as an offer or reminder that they are due for their next appointment. You can send out emails to customers who maybe haven’t returned in the last three months so as to encourage them to come back in for another appointment.


  • You can also use email marketing to target customers based upon their spending habits. You can target a certain selection of customers who have previously had a specific service to encourage them to return, for example you can email everyone who has ever had their hair coloured and offer them a 10% discount if they book back in quoting the email. This technique can also encourage customers who haven’t been in a while to become a repeat customer which can work wonders for your business.



Remote Access

Remote access is an app you can use with Salon Iris to log into your system behind closed doors and do certain things without interrupting business, it also allows you to work on the go.

  • Remote access is a useful tool for you to do work on your Salon Iris system without clogging up the reception desk. If your receptionist is busy serving customers or writing a new email campaign then you no longer have to disturb them or wait your turn, you can log in on your phone and do what needs to be done, things such as reports or adding/changing appointments.


  • You cannot always be in the salon to carry out day to day administration tasks and every salon owner needs a holiday at some point. Remote access gives you the ability to work on the go and work from home, and if you have internet whilst you are on holiday then it allows you to log in and check on your business whilst you sunbathe.


  • Sometimes you need to do secretive work that you don’t want staff looking over your shoulder at such as financial work. Remote access gives you the ability to do this work in the privacy of your own home or even such in a quiet corner of the salon so you can carry out your tasks without being over looked.


Salon Iris is a powerful tool for your business when used to its full capabilities, if you think you could make use of our extra services then please call us on 0121 314 4402 to take full advantage of what we can offer you!



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