March 22, 2019

Spring & Summer Salon Promotional Ideas To Boost Online Bookings

Boost Online Bookings

Online booking opens up a world of possibilities for running online promotions. If you aren’t already running online bookings – why not? Online booking systems can help you to boost profits and keep your clients happy like never before. Consider the following:

  • Online booking is available 24/7
  • Clients can see treatment information and descriptions when they book
  • Online booking reduces cancellations and no shows

When used in collaboration with Facebook advertising, online booking can help to boost your salon revenue. But this needs to be planned and managed effectively. Try to plan your promotions around three months in advance so that you always know what is coming up and you can prepare accordingly.

Here are some incredible ideas for spring and summer promotions based on key events happening during this time.

Easter Half Term

Running half term promotions is a great way to capture the attention of parents. They’re already run off their feet, so taking the stress out of arranging haircuts for the kids will be a huge help

On social media

Run a promotion targetting parents of school-age children living in your area. Highlighting your online booking function can help busy parents to book at a time that is convenient for them.

In your salon

Creating a colouring station to keep the kid occupied and get in touch with local charities to see how you can give back to the community.

International Day of the Midwife – 5th May

Give something back to your community by offering midwives a pampering package for a great price. You can even extend your promotion to all NHS staff if you wish.

On social media

Target NHS staff with a promotion offering an ultimate pampering package. As NHS staff often work shifts, you could honour the price for a week or two after the 5th of May.

In your salon

Start a charity collection for your local maternity unit. Put together a retail package of pampering items that customers can purchase for themselves, or as a gift.

World Friendship Day – 30th July

This day is all about celebrating friendship. Offer group booking promotions and a free glass of bubbly on arrival. If you offer other services like spray tanning, manicures and pedicures, you can bundle treatments together.

On social media

Target young women in your area with a “bring a friend” promotion. Offer a free conditioning service when they book with a friend. Or bundle together treatments for an ultimate pampering package.

In your salon

Stock up on the fizz and make sure your visual merchandising is up-to-scratch. Offer a retail package to encourage visitors to buy a gift for them and a gift for their friend.

Men’s Grooming Day – 18th August

When marketing to men, you should remember that 44% of men will tell their friends about the positive experiences they have had with businesses. This is why social campaigns can be hugely effective.

On social media

Target men with an organic campaign encouraging them to tag their best friend to win a hot towel shave for them and their friend. This can hugely boost your organic reach on social media without spending a thing. It can also boost your likes on Instagram and Facebook.

Alongside this, run a promotion for 3 for 2 on men’s retail products to encourage walk-ins. Selling your products on Facebook is a great way to boost revenue, but only if shipping these products isn’t too time-consuming.

In your salon

Run an evening event with whiskey tasting and an introduction to male grooming. Facial hair is big business at the moment, and men will respond well to an event where they can learn to keep their beards in tip-top condition.

How to run a successful social media promotion

The beauty of Facebook is that you can run a very focussed campaign for a low price.

  • Focus on your age range. What is the average age of your customers base? Don’t waste advertising spend on the 50+ if they don’t visit your salon


  • Don’t spread your net too wide. Be realistic about how far people will travel to visit your salon.


  • Offer a clear message with one call to action. Do you want customers to book an appointment, call your salon or like your page? Don’t muddle your message with multiple CTAs.


  • A video is the most successful type of content on Facebook. You don’t need a huge video production budget to create something stunning. An iPhone can create stunning time-lapse videos of a client transformation.


  • Check that your online booking is working before putting your ads live. There’s nothing worse than realising a few days after your adverts have been running that none of the people targetted has been able to book an appointment. If you’re using Salon Iris salon software, Facebook integration is included as standard.


  • Keep an eye on your click-through rate and see if this matches up to your bookings. If customers are turned away at this point, ask yourself why. Are your prices too high/low? Does the offer on your Facebook advert not match the offer on your site?

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