March 18, 2020

7 Great Ideas for Mother’s Day Salon Promotions

Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is big business around the world. Although celebrated at different times in the UK and USA, it always falls on a Sunday. This means that it’s the perfect time of the week to book beauty treatments as a pampering treat. People who want to think outside of the usual flowers and a card for mother’s day may be looking for something more unique. And this is where your salon comes in.

Salon bookings typically spike during holidays, and Mother’s Day is no exception. If you want to make the most of this boost in interest, why not run one of these fun and engaging promotions?

Free fizz with every treatment

It’s a simple step, but one that can turn a normal trip to the salon into an indulgent treat. Offering a glass of fizz with every booking on Mother’s Day doesn’t have to be expensive, but it’s a great way to offer something a little more special. You could also offer a selection of baked goods such as mini brownies or macarons as an indulgent treat.

Bundle your most popular treatments

Some salons will simply offer money off their treatments, but this can be a little bit bland. Another way to offer value for money is to bundle your most popular treatments. You could offer free conditioning treatments with every cut and blow-dry. Or you could add a head and neck massage to your deluxe manicures. 

Remember to offer gift cards so that people can purchase these gift bundles for other people. With salon software like Salon Iris, you can easily manage gift cards for different holidays throughout the year. 

Bring a friend for half price

Many women will want to head to the salon with their mum for Mother’s Day. This might be combined with afternoon tea at a local restaurant. Offer special couple’s bookings so that mums and their daughters can get their treatments at the same time. As some mums will be unable to celebrate on Mother’s Day, it’s a good idea to let this promotion for a few weeks either side of the actual holiday.

Gift baskets for every budget

Gift baskets serve a number of purposes in your salon. For starters, it can be a great way to get rid of excess stock without making the products seem less valuable. It can also be a great way to upsell on salon treatments. If a customer really loves a product, they might be willing to part with a little extra cash to get a gift box containing the entire range. And finally, gift baskets can be useful when you are running a time-sensitive promotion. 

During the Mother’s Day rush, your salon could quickly book up fast. Having gift baskets available and ready to go could be an attractive alternative gift to someone who was too late to book an appointment. Free gift wrapping on electrical items like hairdryers and curling wands can also be a much-appreciated perk for rushed partners. 

Mum makeovers

New mums are an excellent market on Mother’s Day. Their partners will be looking for a way to let them know just how special they are, and a mum makeover could be just what they need. When you’re caring for a baby, trips to the hairdressers will usually be pushed to the bottom of the list. 

Gift vouchers for a mum makeover could be just what your customers are looking for. Like the services bundle, you could offer 5 or 6 different treatments and then let the mum choose 2 or 3 of them to enjoy.

Kids corner to give mums a break

It’s important to recognise that not all families look the same and some mums will be managing everything on their own. These mums might not have anyone to buy them gifts, so they will appreciate it if their local salon recognises their needs. 

Why not have a day where mums get discounted treatments while kids are entertained in the salon? Create a fun corner in your salon where kids can play safely while their parents get pampered. A stack of toys and colouring books might be all you need. Or you could set up a movie screening area with bean bag chairs and mini bags of popcorn.

Gift cards to use when you like

Not everyone can celebrate Mother’s Day on Mother’s Day. As a salon owner, you’ll know what it’s like to work on certain holidays. Give your fellow weekend workers a nod by making it easier for them to celebrate Mother’s Day on their own terms. A voucher that can be redeemed when they like will not only make it easier for your customers to book, but it can also make it possible for you to increase your profit potential. When a promotion is limited to a certain timeframe, your profit is limited by the number of bookings you can accept, but when you open up bookings to other times, you can increase your earning potential.

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