December 1, 2015

Christmas marketing ideas


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Christmas Marketing Ideas

It’s finally here…The first week of December!

 Now don’t panic, I know it’s crept upon us all, but you are not too late to start marketing for Christmas. Your appointment book may be only half full because you totally forgot to advertise all your Christmas deals but calm down and read on to see how you can prepare now to be the best you can be this festive season.

What are your salon goals this Christmas? Do you want to build up your new brand in your salon, or are you focusing on rebooking? Maybe you want your existing clients to try out different services to see what you have to offer?

Check out our ideas to help increase your sales this Christmas.

Your Christmas hours will most likely be different to your usual working hours, but not everyone will realise this, so make sure you advertise it in every avenue possible. Print posters for your reception, re-record your answer phone message with the hours, pop them on your Facebook and Twitter pages and spread the word beforehand to returning customers. Don’t forget to update your salon app if you have one!

Are you looking to push product sales this festive season? Pop them in a hamper basket on or near reception, decorate them up with some tinsel and bows and add a professional sign saying “ideal stocking fillers” and get your reception staff prompting the customer to look at the products.

If you are planning on opening on a Sunday then take into account that this is usually a day of rest and try to incorporate this in the salon atmosphere. Change your music to calming songs, potentially offer brunch snacks and get some new magazines in.

Talking about music, everyone dislikes Christmas song repeats and it will drive your staff crazy to have to listen to the same album on repeat every day of December. Invest in different traditional Christmas albums and try something a little different too such as modern takes on the old classics.

 Just because it’s Christmas it doesn’t mean you have to constantly play the festive tunes, have a selected amount of time in the day where it is more than okay to just listen to the Radio.

Christmas is a perfect time to push gift cards. If you’re prepared you may already have a Christmas design for your gift cards, if not don’t panic, you can easily work with what you’ve got. Try to sell a gift card onto every customer coming into the salon; they are the perfect Christmas present after all. Make sure they take pride of place on your reception desk so your customers are fully aware of them.

It’s always the small touches that leave your customers with a smile on their face. Offer a festive drink for December such as cocoa and why not invest in some Christmas biscuits and mince pies to every customer.

Don’t charge for these either, this should be a nice gesture for your customers.

Just because you know all of your Christmas offers, it doesn’t mean your customers are fully aware. Make sure you are taking every opportunity to advertise this. Put up extra posters next to the mirrors and reception desk and on the front door, they are sure to see them at some point during their visit. It never hurts to tell them about the offers your running during their service, they may be more tempted to book one before they leave. Social media is also a great way to push your offers, post everyday of December to make sure your customers are aware of all the great offers and discounts you have running.

What is the festive season without decorations? Pop up a Christmas tree with your salon colours as the theme for your baubles, and fairy lights around mirrors or the reception desk can be a great subtle touch too. You could even go one step further and get a small real Christmas tree for just outside your door (location permitting) that you can pop some outdoor lights on. Make sure you bring it in at night though to keep it safe.

Top-tip this Christmas!

Do you normally get plenty of presents off customers just for the salon? Chocolates, wines, gift sets? The best way to delegate these out to your staff without argument is a raffle.

Christmas eve, once all your clients are finished for the day, number all the items and have a pot of the numbers to pick from and you get to keep which ever number you pick. This way items are spread fairly between your staff and everyone stays happy.

We wish you all the success this month to make this December your best one ever!



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