February 22, 2016

How To Increase Gift Card Sales


How to Increase Gift Card Sales

What is a gift card?

A gift card is soon to be your business’s best friend if you market them correctly. Gift cards are credit card sized and can come with a design which is bespoke to your salon. You can also order gift card designs for general occasions such a Christmas or birthday as customers like to buy a card which represents an event. A customer can buy these gift cards in different monetary values and present them to another for a present. The recipient of the gift card then can come into your business to spend the card on a service or product.

Gift cards are the opportunity to welcome new clients into your business.

The first step you must make to introducing Gift cards into your salon is to choose a design for them, do you want to represent your salon with your branding, or do you prefer occasion designs such as birthday, Christmas and Easter? If you can justify it then choose a mixture of them all, this gives your customers the choice of which they would prefer to buy.

Make sure your gift cards are of high quality and come with an envelope so they are presented correctly. The recipient will be much more excited about receiving a professional looking gift card than a paper gift certificate.

Searching for a company to create your perfect gift card may seem daunting, but we have the perfect solution for you, Salon Iris gift cards.

Once you have the gift cards printed and within your salon then you need to start advertising them.

It’s a great idea to purchase a gift card display which you can place on the reception desk to present your cards in the correct way. Your customer’s won’t know about the gift cards if they are not in view so never hide them behind other items on your desk. Even in plain sight, your customers may still miss them so make sure all your staff know to point them out when with a client; it may just jog their memory that they have a family member’s birthday coming up.

If you have a website then it’s advisable to advertise them online too, have a dedicated page for your gift cards. Make sure you include information on how a customer can buy the gift card, which amounts you are selling them for and all terms and conditions.

Marketing your gift cards can be done in multiple ways, generally social media can be one of the most effective ways to do so. Don’t forget to add it to your email marketing in the months leading up to Christmas so that customer’s know what is available to them to purchase for gifts.

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