November 23, 2021

Social Posting in a busy salon – what should you post?


Knowing what to post on social media can be a nightmare. You’re already busy running a successful salon, and you want to be able to share your work with the world. But knowing what to post and when isn’t always that simple.

If you often find yourself staring at your phone wondering what on earth to post, you’re not alone. Many salon owners struggle to find inspiration to post new content every day. And it can feel like you spend half of your time looking for inspiration and coming up short. 

A simple way to get around this is to create a social media posting template that is jam-packed with inspiration. Some salons make it look effortless, but you can guarantee that a lot of time and effort has gone into crafting their social media presence. 

If you want to project a similar image with your social media channels, try using these prompts to get you started.

Customer transformations

Before and after photos should make up the bulk of your social media posts. Customers want to see real-life results so they can judge if your staff have the skills and style they are looking for.

Customer transformations are also easy content because you have a constant stream of new inspiration walking through your door every day. When a customer has asked for a dramatic change or a popular style, ask their permission to take a quick before and after photo. Make sure you ask for their Instagram handle to tag them!

Style inspiration

If you want your customers to arrive in your salon armed with pictures of the style they are looking for, why not make it easier by sharing style inspiration? Compiling regular style inspiration posts is one of the simplest ways to get the conversation started on social media.

If you use content from other sources, always make sure you credit the owner as this could lead to your account being suspended. You should also respond to any requests to remove the content if required.

Offers and promotions

Running a promotion at your salon? You can share this on your social media channels to generate more buzz. A lot of individuals use social media to stay on top of the latest offers available in their area.

Make sure you customise your offer graphics to all different platforms to make the most of the space available and make it easier for your audience to share. It’s easy to create quick discount codes and offers using professional salon software

Behind the scenes

Want to give people a sneak peek of what happens behind the scenes at your salon? Social media is the ideal place to do this. You could share team birthday celebrations, photos from your team socials or a behind the scenes view of your team training.

Sharing a behind the scenes look at your salon is a great way to make your staff appear more accessible. It humanises your team and allows your customers to feel like they know you personally.

Job openings

If you’re looking for your next superstar talent, you should take your search to social media. Sharing job openings on your social media channels is a great way to get more interest and expand your reach.

It’s also a great way to find individuals who would be the perfect culture fit, as they may already be following your salon on social media. If you want to hire individuals who are fans first, this is the way to go.

Product explainers

Added a new product to your salon line? Share a video explaining what it is and how to make the most out of it. This is a great way to assist your audience in getting more out of your products while also encouraging more sales.

Product explainer videos are incredibly popular and don’t have to take long to make. Simply share a video of the product in action and explain in the description how it works.

How-to tutorials

There’s a common fear among salon owners that if they teach people how to do things for themselves, they won’t visit their salon. But adding a few videos showing how to style hair is unlikely to have an impact on your bookings. 

Tutorial videos are incredibly popular and could help to expand the reach of your posts way beyond your usual customers – particularly on Instagram and TikTok. You could create how-to tutorials to help your customers create popular styles or simple transformations. 


Everyone loves a good competition. You could tie your competitions into milestones, such as reaching 5,000 followers on a particular platform. Or you could simply offer seasonal giveaways to help grow your followers.

Competitions are incredibly popular on social media, but make sure you use a third-party tool to manage them. 


Had a glowing bit of customer feedback? Social media is the ideal place to share it. Create a branded graphic to share regular feedback and you could help to convince new customers to take a chance on your salon.

Sharing customer feedback can also encourage individuals to share their thoughts on your salon using your preferred review platform.

What not to post on social media

While plenty of things can help you to grow your business on social media, there are a few things that don’t belong.

  • Negativity. It’s one thing to be constructively critical of others, but being negative about others might not be the best image for your salon.
  • Personal content. Unless you are a self-employed stylist and your followers expect personal content, you should save this for your personal channels.
  • Controversial topics. You might have strong opinions about current affairs, politics and more, but try to keep this off your social media. You could alienate customers and develop a reputation for being divisive.
  • Endless sales posts. Your social media channels might help you to reach more customers, but not every post should be a sales post. Try to mix it up with a combination of informative and promotional content.

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