April 1, 2020

SMS Templates For The Coronavirus Outbreak

SMS Templates

Keeping in touch with your clients while the country is on lockdown is not only good manners, it’s good business sense. The salons that go silent until they get the all-clear will struggle to catch up to the competition. It’s important to let your clients know how their appointments will be affected and when they can expect things to return to normal. 

Many clients want to know how they can support their local salon in the meantime, so make sure you’re sharing information about gift vouchers or retail products available to purchase. Below you will find SMS templates you can use with your salon marketing software to help direct clients to the right services during COVID-19 lockdown and when the lockdown is coming to an end.

Messages to send when your salon is closed

When your salon is closed, customers will want to know how they can support you and your staff. They’ll also want to know how they can get information about when you will be accepting bookings again.

Many salons have cancelled all appointments rather than rebooking them, as we simply don’t know when it will be safe to reopen again. These customers will be looking for information about when they can expect to be able to book an appointment again.

If you have a salon app, you can encourage customers to download the app to get the latest information. If you’re selling gift vouchers or retail products, you can use text messages to promote this service. And finally, if you’re going to be active on social media during the lockdown, this is a great chance to direct your clients to your profiles.

Hi [Name], we have closed [Salon Name] until further notice. The first available appointments will be announced on our app. Download the app here [Link].

Hi [Name], [Salon Name] is closed until further notice, but you can support your local salon by prepaying for your next treatment with a gift voucher. Buy your gift voucher here [Link]

Hi [Name], while [Salon Name] is closed for the coronavirus lockdown, we’ll be sharing our favourite at-home beauty tips on Facebook and Instagram. Follow us here [Links]

Messages to send when you have an opening date

We don’t yet know how long the lockdown will continue. It could be weeks or months before you can open your doors again. If you wait for certainty, you could be the last salon to start accepting bookings. Instead, we could recommend picking a realistic date, such as 1st July.

Once you have chosen a realistic opening date, you can start to accept provisional bookings. Make it clear to customers that bookings will only go ahead if it is safe to do so. And make sure you give supporters who purchase gift vouchers priority.

Below are a few templates you can use to get your customers excited to book their first post-lockdown appointment.

Hi [Name], [Salon Name] is now accepting bookings from [Date]. These bookings will be subject to change, depending on government guidelines. As a loyal supporter, we wanted you to be the first to know! Book your appointment here [Link]

Hi [Name], We can’t wait to welcome you back to [Salon Name]. We’re now accepting bookings from [Date]. To secure your spot, download our app [Link]

Hi [Name], ready for some pampering? We’ll soon be accepting bookings from [Date], follow us on social media to be the first to book. [Links]

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