December 4, 2020

Salon Owner? 6 Reasons You Need A Beauty Salon Management Software

Salon Management Software

There are so many digital tools out there for business owners that it can be difficult to know where to focus. Finding a software package that is bespoke to your industry can transform the way you run your business. And this is particularly true for the beauty salon sector.

Beauty salons have diverse income sources and require special tools to help them make the most of their client base. They are not solely focussed on bookings; a large portion of their income will come from voucher and merchandise sales. When a customer loves a product they use in the salon, they can increase the value of the sale by offering a salon-quality product they can take home with them. 

If you’re wondering if beauty salon software is right for you, you likely already know about the basics. You know that this type of bespoke software will let you manage staff schedules and keep track of customer information and bookings. But the best salon management software suites will offer a few more considerable perks. 2021 should be a much more enjoyable one, as now the vaccine is on its way, there is now hope things will get back to normal in the upcoming months. So it would be a good idea to start reviewing your current salon management setup. The right salon software solution can transform the way you run your business. So here are six of the best reasons to consider salon management software. 

Optimise staff working hours

The paper rota hanging up in your staff break room is guaranteed to lead to workers missing their shifts or showing up when they aren’t needed. If you want to optimise the hours that your staff are working to make sure they are always productive, salon management software will help you to achieve this. Your staff will also love being able to check their bookings and shifts on the go using a mobile app.

Generate sales reports

Want to know how your business is performing compared to last month? Or last year? With salon management software, you can quickly download sales reports that would take hours to generate without it. This will allow you to make your business decisions based on data rather than intuition. If you want to grow or expand your business to new sites, you will even have access to fancy sales reports to wow potential investors. 

Keep track of stock

When you over-order stock, you’re throwing money down the drain, especially if this stock has an expiration date. With salon management software, you can keep track of how much stock you have in the back office and reduce loss from theft and missed expiration dates. You can also use your salon management software to identify peak sales periods and your best selling items, so you’ll always have the right stock levels when you need them. 

Reduce no shows

No shows are the bane of the salon owners existence. For every no show in your salon, you are not just losing the money from the appointment, you are also losing money on the member of staff that is in work with nothing to do. Using salon management software you can set up automated text reminders to help reduce no shows. And for repeat offenders, you can introduce a blacklist policy to prevent them from making repeat appointments.

Easily create your own app

Your customers want to be able to book an appointment in your salon at a time that is convenient for them. This might be early in the morning, the middle of the day or late at night. You could partner with a salon booking app company, but then you’ll be paying a commission on your own customers. Instead, use salon management software to create your own app experience. With a few taps, customers will be able to book an appointment directly with your salon, cutting out the middleman and avoiding any additional fees. 

Get out of the back office

If you feel chained to your desk with your current management system, a good cloud-based salon management package will help to free you from your desk. You’ll be able to use it on a desktop, laptop, tablet or phone anywhere in the world. This means you can get out of the back office and spend more time on the salon floor. And when you need to take some time away from work, you know you’ll always be able to access the information you need at a moment’s notice. This is a great way to improve your work/life balance.

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