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Technical Support

We have a number of readily available free tools to help you:
  • Unlimited web based training for life
  • Detailed training videos.
  • In-depth user’s guide included within Salon Iris
  • Extensive step by step Knowledge base
When you purchase a Salon Iris Software subscription you will receive for free:
  • Updates to the latest version of salon Iris for the life of your subscription
  • Unlimited e-mail technical support
  • Phone based technical support and remote training
  • Online database backup service subscription
  • Hardware (supplied hardware only) technical support
  • Data transfer of your information from a competitor’s product, where possible.
  • Detailed training videos and in-depth user’s guide
  • Unlimited access to our extensive knowledge base
With the Salon Iris for Windows Subscription plan, you will receive unlimited free technical support and one-on-one phone training for Salon Iris Software for as long as you have an active subscription. Purchase Salon Iris Software as a one-time purchase option and you will receive:
  • Unlimited e-mail technical support for one year
  • Online & phone technical support & training for three months
  • Online database backup service subscription for three months
  • Hardware (supplied hardware only) setup during the first three months
  • Downloadable same version maintenance releases
  • Data transfer of your information from a competitor’s product, where possible
  • Detailed training videos and in-depth user’s guide
  • Unlimited access to our extensive knowledge base

After the free technical support subscription ends you can continue receiving unlimited technical support, one to one phone training and online backup service for just £42 per month by signing up for our Unlimited Technical Support Plan. You can sign up for a subscription at any time. Please note this plan is for a minimum of 12 months. please call our sales team on 0121 314 4402 to discuss your support options.

You may also choose to pay for technical support and training as you need it. Phone based technical support can be purchased for £99 per incident, up to 1 hour and phone/Internet training can be purchased for £99.00 per hour-long session. Please note: all training sessions are limited to 1-hour duration per session. For more information on our backup service, please see the software section of our Policies page.

All prices are plus VAT at the current rate

Sales & Support Contact


If you send a support request by e-mail, we will normally respond within 24 hours (apart from weekends and holidays), but our typical response time is much faster than this. Our average response time is 1 hour 10 minutes, and we respond to 2/3 of all e-mail requests within 5 hours.


We sometimes record these conversations for training and quality purposes.

Telephone support calls are answered by our support team members, however when busy these calls will be taken by our reception team. They will take your name, company information, and brief details of your question or problem. A support team member will get back to you as soon as possible. We aim to call you back within 1 hour, depending on the support desk workload.


Updates for One-Time Purchases

One-time purchase users of Salon Iris salon software can upgrade to a newer version or a different package by contact our sales team on 0121 314 4402. To upgrade to a new version release, software updates can be purchased for 50% of the current selling price. Speak to our sales team for more details. Version 11 users and older are no longer eligible for this discount.

Package Changes

Subscription customers always have the option to upgrade to a higher package of Salon Iris salon management software. All you have to do is pay the difference between the two packages, you do not need to re-contract when upgrading. If you wish to lower your package level you can move down one package version in any 12 month period. (E.G. moving from Professional to Standard package). Please note: It is not possible to move to a Solo subscription from any higher package.
One time purchase customers can upgrade simply by paying the difference between the two packages, please note is not possible to downgrade a one-time purchase package. For more information please contact our sales team for pricing and ordering on 0121 314 4402.

Second-hand software support.

Software purchased from an existing license holder or from other any other source is regarded as second hand and gives no automatic right to training, technical or any other kind of support. Support can be purchased from Salon Iris at the current published rates and standards. Please call our sales team on 0121 314 4402 (option 1) to discuss the options available to you.

Privacy Policy

At Salon Iris Ltd, we are committed to your privacy. See our full Privacy Policy.

Lost Passwords and Serial Numbers

Salon Iris Security Passwords

Security Password Recovery is available for free as part of a Subscription or with a Support Plan. Otherwise, this service is chargeable. It is £99 for this service. Please speak to our sales team for more information.

Serial Numbers

Serial Number Recovery is available for free as part of a Subscription or with a Support Plan. Otherwise, this is a chargeable service. It is £99 for this service. Your serial number is located on both the original sales receipt and welcome letter. Please call our sales team for more details.

Database Passwords

Database Password Recovery is available for free as part of a Subscription or with a Support Plan. Otherwise, this is a chargeable service. It is £99 for this service. Database passwords are not set by Salon Iris and can only be added by the end user. Please consider all potential passwords before calling us for this service.

Other charges

Salon Iris Ltd does not charge monthly fees for using Direct Debit services however, we will charge late payment default fees if you fail to make your payments when due.

Late payment default fees will be charged as follows.

  • a) £20.00 for each failed Direct Debit collection on due date
  • b) £20.00 for each failed Credit / Debit Card collection on the due date

Language and Regional Settings Support

We provide sales and support in English only. We warrant our software will work correctly in the “English (UK)” default regional setting only. Although we have tested our software in many other settings, we can only provide full support and warranty correct functionality in the “English (UK)” default regional setting.

Software Suitability

Salon Iris software has been designed to be the industry leader in salon management software. Salon Iris Profesional and above can export financial data to the desktop version of Quickbooks for accountancy purposes. Salon Iris software is not a stand-alone accountancy software product.

Product and client data importing service

All data file importing is subject to the following terms;

The data file attached to an e-mail may contain client, product, service, employee information as requested by the recipient. This data is compiled from either client provided media/data/files or derived from product manufacturer/distributor ordering data files. Where product ranges contain pricing information, the end user should satisfy themselves as to the accuracy of this information in relation to their charging structure and amend to their own requirements as necessary. This data is supplied on an ‘AS IS’ basis. As such Salon Iris Ltd does not accept any liability as to its accuracy. By importing data file(s) into Salon Iris software, the end user agrees to indemnify Salon Iris Ltd against claims for any indirect, special, incidental or consequential damages of any character including, without limitation damages for loss of goodwill, work stoppage, computer failure or malfunction, or all other commercial damages or losses.

Backup Software

As part of a subscription with Salon Iris, we will install a 3rd party program known as Livedrive. This program copies a footprint of specified folders from your PC and stores them on military-grade encryption protected UK server.

In order for this software to work correctly, there needs to be a constantly working internet connection. Without an internet connection, then Livedrive is unable to send these backups to the server and therefore Salon Iris will not have access to any backups made whilst no connection was available.

As Livedrive is 3rd party software, Salon Iris is not responsible for updates to this software or any potential failings with Livedrive or your internet connection/internet service provider causing issues with Livedrive.

At Salon Iris, we will always endeavour to keep all of your services working where possible, but with 3rd party programs (e.g. Livedrive or Windows) it is not always in the control or remit of Salon Iris to be able to fix these programs.

We absolutely recommend that you regularly take manual backups of your database and store these on an external device such as a USB stick or external hard drive and keep this away from the computer, so that if any issues do occur with your Livedrive service, that you will still have backups of your database to rely on.

Please contact us on 0121 314 4402 to discuss this with us and get more information on our Livedrive service.

Windows XP & Vista

Windows XP & Windows Vista are no longer supported.

Previous versions of Salon Iris

Salon Iris version 12 and older are now End Of Life products.

All prices are plus VAT at the current rate


Salon Iris Ltd supports hardware supplied directly by us only. Click here to see our current hardware items & hardware pricing. Faulty hardware will only be accepted with an RMA number. To obtain this please refer to the returns policy.

Any faulty / damaged goods must be notified in the first instance, by telephone within 24 hours of receipt. Faulty / damaged items must be returned within 28 days of purchase for a replacement. This does not affect your UK statutory rights. To receive replacement, all goods must be returned with a returns number. Under no circumstances will returns be accepted without an “RMA” ‘returns merchandise authorisation’ number. To receive an “RMA” number contact us via or phone our help desk on 0121 314 4402

Following these steps will help ensure the products you’re returning to us arrive back correctly and in good condition. Failure to follow this procedure may result in your return being rejected upon receipt.

Before returning any item(s) to Salon Iris ltd or hardware supplier please ensure you have:

  1. A valid RMA or ‘returns merchandise authorisation’ number from Salon Iris ltd.
  2. Enclosed all accessories unless informed otherwise.
  3. Use all packaging that was originally supplied, or packaging fit for the purpose.
  4. Use a label for clear display of the RMA number
  5. Ensure the full returns address is clearly displayed on the outside of the package, using a label.
  6. Do NOT write directly on the box/packaging with pen/ink.
  7. Securely seal the packaging using a similar method as per the original delivery.

Important: When returning any hardware for repair or replacement it is your responsibility to ensure that the goods are packed correctly in their original protective packaging, or packaging suitable / fit for this purpose. Any goods returned damaged due to poor or inadequate packaging will be charged for.

Please note, Hardware is not supplied on a trial basis. You should check hardware compatibility before ordering, if in doubt please contact our technical support department with your requirements.

Knowledge Base

All Salon Iris users have access to our Knowledge Base. This is free for life. Click here to view our extensive Knowledge Base.

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