March 23, 2022

Tips For The Busy Salon Manager: The Must-Have Salon Instagram Tools

Tips For The Busy Salon Manager: The Must-Have Salon Instagram Tools

A good Instagram strategy can transform your business. People in the UK spend an average of 110 minutes on social media per day. So if you want to get your salon in front of these people, you need to be active and present.

A good social media strategy doesn’t have to take up all of your time. With the right tools, you can share stunning content, grow your following, run competitions and boost bookings right from your phone.

By sticking to apps designed for your phone, you’ll stay out of the back office and on the salon floor. This will allow you to create beautiful content on the fly and then promote it to your audience. Wondering which apps you need to download to get started? We’ve got you covered… 

For photo editing: VSCO

This photo editing platform will instantly upgrade your Instagram photos and make them eye-catching and engaging. The free version of this app contains multiple preset filters to instantly upgrade your snaps, but the paid version will take your Instagram marketing to another level. Wondering what it can do? Just search for #VSCO on Instagram and you’ll see you’re in good company. 

For video editing: Animoto

Since Instagram switched to a video-first platform, you really can’t neglect your video marketing strategy. Video can be used in your feed, reels and IGTV, so it’s worth taking the time to get it right. Animoto is a video-editing platform that couldn’t be easier to use. It’s a drag-and-drop platform that allows you to get professional-looking results with more than 100 templates. Use this for video testimonials, transformations, salon tours and new service introductions.

For reels editing: Made

You can’t neglect your Instagram stories. Made is a reels editing platform that allows you to create beautiful and branded stories that will capture the attention of your ideal audience. There are 8 templates to choose from and they are all completely customisable with background images, patterns and text. It even includes a storyboard feature so you can visualise your content from start to finish.

For online booking: Salon Iris

What good is capturing attention on social media if you can’t turn it into sales? Salon Iris allows you to create a Facebook (Meta) booking portal so customers can make appointments without ever leaving the app. Since Instagram is owned by Facebook (Meta), you can easily link between the two. Allowing individuals to book their appointments online is one of the simplest ways to turn an engaged audience into paying customers.

For scheduling: Later

You don’t have to spend all day on social media to give the illusion that you’re always active and present. With a social media scheduling tool, you can set it and forget it. Later is one of the best Instagram scheduling tools as it allows you to schedule and then automatically post your content. Without this essential feature, you would still have to manually share the content at your specified time. You could spend a few hours on a Monday scheduling your content for the week and then let it run on autopilot.

For growing your following: Kicksta

There’s no shortage of sites that will allow you to buy followers, but this is never a good business strategy. Paid followers are typically fake accounts, bots or pure spam. A better way to grow your Instagram following is with Kicksta. It allows you to connect and engage with users that closely match your ideal customers. It uses artificial intelligence to grow your social media following organically.

For keeping track: Crowdfire

Want to know which posts are most successful? Crowdfire offers comprehensive Instagram stats that help you to grow your account. You’ll know what content is the most successful, which of your followers are most engaged, and when is the best time to share content for the highest reach. 

Keeping track of your analytics is an essential part of any marketing strategy. It will allow you to identify areas of strength and double down on what you know works best. Remember that these stats will change as you grow your audience, so keep checking your analytics to see what is working and what isn't.

For audience insight: Command

This tool provides daily metric updates and recommendations for what to do next. It’s a very simple platform that will generate suggestions in the form of a report card. If you struggle to make sense of analytics, this will help turn the data into strategy. 

You’ll get suggestions on posting frequency, hashtags and caption recommendations to help boost your engagement. By following these suggestions, you can act on insight rather than instinct and grow your account organically. It will even show you when your followers are most active to help you post at the best possible time.

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