Salon Iris Multi Computer

Unlimited employees & Multi-Computer

Looking for a salon management package you can use on multiple devices? Look no further. Enjoy all of the benefits of our Salon Iris standard package on multiple computers.

Salon Iris Multi Computers £169.00 per month

Features & Service

✓ Available On Two Computers
✓ Use POS Hardware On Multiple Stations
✓ Full appointment book
✓ Complete client information & purchase history
✓ On-line Booking compatible
✓ Employee schedule management
✓ Unlimited employee support
✓ General Ledger
✓ On-line Booking
✓ Hardware set-up for supplied hardware
✓ Messaging service (5000 emails per month)
✓ Option To Add Additional Computers
✓ Client formula tracking system
✓ Sales totals reports
✓ Detailed reports
✓ Automatic appointment reminders
✓ Wait list management
✓ Employee reminder system
✓ Technical support
✓ Website or integrate with your existing site
✓ Unlimited major and minor software updates
✓ Connect From Remote Locations
✓ Product sales and inventory tracking
✓ Gift card compatible
✓ Online Booking compatible
✓ Employee password protection system
✓ Resource (room & equipment) management
✓ Facebook Booking & Facebook App Booking
✓ Software training
✓ QuickBooks Connect Module
✓ On-line Backup service

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