November 5, 2015



How to turn one off clients into returning customers with Marketing.

As a professional in the hair and beauty industry you become very knowledgeable about which customers are returning time and time again or if you are finding yourself looking at new faces day in day out without any of them regularly returning.

So how do you convert those new customers that may only come to your salon once into regular returning customers? Get them connected.

Read on to see how you can do this and extend your business even further.

Possibly the most important method of connecting with your customers is to build up an email list and get marketing. Each and every customer that walks through your door should be leaving an email address with yourselves that you can log in your computer system.

This means that once they leave, you can keep connecting with them offering discounts or advertising your monthly specials and you will be at the fore front of their minds when they decide they need to book another appointment. It’s a fantastic way to grow your business!

Once you have a healthy email list, next is to start emailing! It is a simple marketing tool and an effective way of communicating that can keep your customers coming back for more.

Ever wondered if your customers aren’t returning due to their experience in the salon not been satisfactory? Send out a customer survey email the day after their treatment! Make it short and sweet so as not to put them off and see what kind of feedback you receive. You could even think about the possibility of adding a 10% discount to their next service as an incentive. Feedback can help transform your business into the company you and your customers want it to be!

Maybe customers aren’t returning due to your business being slightly out of the way of the main Towns and Cities? Customers love a discount or a special offer! Run a monthly campaign email to advertise your offers that are currently running. People will travel a bit further if they know they are getting a good deal. Once they have returned a couple of times you may find they stick with your company because they now love the level of service so much they can’t bare to leave!

So there we have it! Grow your email list, get marketing and grow your business!


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