June 8, 2016

Marketing For Father's Day


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Marketing For Father's Day

With Father’s day just around the corner, it is a great month to focus on your male clientele by promoting offers and deals just for them.

It’s not just the men you should be promoting towards, Women are usually at a loss of what to buy for their Father’s on Father's Day so why not offer a ‘Male only grooming experience’ voucher. It will be something a bit different to the usual socks and tie gift!

Once you have decided what your Father's Day offer is going to be for your salon, then it is time to get promoting it so that your customers have the time to take advantage of this great experience. First off, inform your employees of all of the Father’s Day Specials that you are doing and get them talking to the customers, so that everyone who sits down in their chair is aware of what deals you are doing this year.

If your budget enables you to have male specific gift cards then it is a great way of selling these to wives and daughters.

Not many men will be excited about receiving a gift card for a salon that is decorated with flowers, so make sure you pick a design that is male specific even if it’s just a plain colour with your branding on as these will sell at other times of the year too.

Communication is key with your clients to ensure a successful Father’s Day promotion.

If nobody knows about your offers then nobody can take them on board, so make sure you are active on all of your social media platforms to ensure as many customers as possible have been reached.

Never overlook the power of a poster or advertising stand within the salon itself. Whilst customers are waiting for their appointments or in the chair their eyes will be looking around the salon and reading your promotions, team that with your employees pointing them out and talking about them too, the customer will be fully aware of what you have to offer this Father’s Day.

A Father’s Day promotion doesn't only have to be a one month success, make those one time customers into a returning client by making them aware of all the men only services you offer and leaving them so impressed with your services that they cannot wait to return. With Male grooming services, men shouldn't have to guess whether you offer certain services i.e.. beard trims. There should be a Male only section on your website so they can clearly see what you have to offer.

Good Luck with your Father's Day promotions!


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