January 18, 2016

January Blues


January Blues

You’ve successfully made it through Christmas, the stress is dispersing and the decorations are down and just when you’re about to put your feet up to relax you realise its half way through January and your books just don’t seem as full as last month.

January is a great time to think of fresh new ideas ready for the year ahead.

A great place to start is advertising. Are you advertising your salon to the best of your ability? Keeping up to date on social media and your website are essential for getting customers interested and excited about all your new offers.

 If you don’t have a Facebook page or website for your salon then it’s a great time to get on board with this fantastic way of connecting with your customers. If you already have both of these and are keeping them regularly updated, then your next step is to incorporate online booking. Did you know that more than 40% of your business will potentially be booking in online, this frees up your receptionist and staff to spend more time making your customers feel important once in the salon.

Online booking makes your salon a 24 hour business, your customers can book in at any time of the day or night and this will reduce the amount of missed business due to your salon being closed and not able to take a phone call.

Ever wondered what it would be like for your salon to be in the ITunes app store or Google Play store?

Well it's here and it will revolutionise your business.

 Your customers could have your salon right in the palm of their hands with the ability to call you, book online and see all the latest offers and pictures.

Make 2016 your year by pushing your business in the right direction with a client app.

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