May 6, 2024

How to Increase & Retain Your Salon Client Count

How to Increase & Retain Your Salon Client Count

One of the simplest ways to boost your profits as a salon owner is to make the most of repeat customers. Repeat bookings allow you to increase your earnings without having to spend a single penny on marketing. 

Once they are an engaged customer, you can be assured they’re already familiar with your services. And if they like your work, you are making their lives easier by allowing them to book a repeat appointment, rather than having to find a new provider.

In this guide, we’re looking at simple ways you can increase and retain your salon client count to enable you to make the most of repeat bookings and a highly engaged audience.

Why is salon client count important?

Your salon client count is the number of customers that regularly book treatments with you. They are not new prospects, so you don’t have to pay to reach them with your marketing message. Once they are on the list, you can contact them for free and they already know your salon name. This makes them incredibly valuable in terms of marketing strategy.

How to increase salon client count

How to increase salon client count

The first step in the equation is to increase your existing salon client count. This process will typically involve a marketing strategy aimed at getting customers to book their first appointment. A new client offer is commonly the easiest way to achieve this. 

When a new customer books an appointment with you, it’s important to gain their consent to send marketing materials by email and by text message. Frame this as a positive thing for them by highlighting the perks of being on your mailing list. This could include appointment reminders and exclusive offers.

How to retain your salon client count

How to retain your salon client count

Once you have attracted customers to your salon, you then need to nurture this relationship. Start by following up after the appointment to request a review. If the customer is happy with your work, their glowing review will serve as a marketing message for new potential customers. 

And if something fell short during your appointment, this is your chance to put things right. Reach out to unhappy customers and find out how you can put things right. Make sure you respond to all reviews so that prospective customers can see that you take complaints on board.

Next you need to nurture the client relationship to encourage repeat bookings. The simplest way to achieve this is with a follow-up appointment reminder letting the customer know that it’s time to book another treatment. This is commonly done around 6-8 weeks after their initial appointment. To stay front of mind, you could also send the customer care tips, or invite them for a fringe trim if that would be appropriate for them.

This is where tagging your customer records comes in handy. Tags can be used to segment your mailing lists, so you could send a customer email about a bond repairing treatment to all of your customers who have had a bleaching treatment in the past year.

Encouraging repeat customers with promotions

Encouraging repeat customers with promotions

Once you have access to a customer’s email address and phone number, you have an opportunity to reach them with timely and relevant updates. Popular email communications after an appointment could include:

  • A request to leave a review or to give feedback on a treatment
  • Inviting the customers for a fringe trim, where relevant
  • Introducing new treatments that might be of interest to the customer
  • Sharing details of seasonal promotions available to the customer
  • Inviting customers to book a follow up appointment
  • Re-engaging customers after a long time away 

Things to avoid with repeat customer marketing

Things to avoid with repeat customer marketing

When a customer gives you access to their email address or phone number, you need to treat this with respect. There is a fine line between nurturing and annoying a lead. Too many emails or text messages could result in the customer blocking you or asking to be removed from your list. It will then be down to chance whether they decide to book with you again.

You should also avoid letting your communications become too impersonal or corporate. Write like you speak, and speak directly to each customer, not to “the list”. Your salon communications should be an extension of the conversations you have with your customers in the chair, so they should feel a sense of your personality shining through.

Final thoughts

Nurturing relationships with existing customers is one of the most effective ways to generate new business without having to reach new audiences. Using email and SMS marketing included with your Salon Iris salon management package, you can reach customers at the right time with the right message to encourage them to book an appointment. This can drive up profits while driving down your marketing costs. 

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