September 1, 2023

9 Ways to Get Your Salon More Organised Than Ever

9 Ways to Get Your Salon More Organised Than Ever

A well-organised hair salon can help you to increase profits, improve the customer experience and keep your staff happy. But good organisation doesn’t happen by accident. You need systems in place to help ensure that procedures and protocols are always followed.

When you have systems to determine how everything should be done, you can run things on autopilot. This means that decision making is taken out of the hands of individual staff members, and this can help to increase consistency in the way things are done.

Curious about how you can make your salon the most organised it has ever been? The key to these systems is to implement them during your quiet periods. This will allow everyone to get used to things before business ramps up and you need things to run like clockwork.

1. Appointment Management

Salon management software will centralise everything and avoid the perils of working with a physical appointment book. Using salon software will also allow you to automate lots of things, like staff schedules and appointment reminders for customers.

When you have an effective system for accepting and confirming bookings, you will improve the customer experience, and this can have a positive impact on profits. It can also help you to firm up policies for things like no shows. When you’re confident in your organisation, it becomes easier to implement policies that help to increase profits.

Station Setup

2. Station Setup

Every station should have everything the stylist needs to get their job done. By improving organisation and cleaning processes for your staff, you can reduce time spent looking for equipment.

It’s also helpful if stylists have dedicated work stations rather than floating work stations, as this will allow them to set up their space in the way that makes sense to them. Organised work stations are also easier to keep clean and will also look more aesthetically pleasing for customers.

3. Inventory Management

When your stockroom is poorly organised, you can lose a lot of money through damaged or expired stock. You need a system for keeping track of what you have available so you know when you need to place repeat orders. This can be automated with salon software, but you need to be organised to be able to keep on top of things.

Group things in a logical way and then order them by expiration date so that you work though products at the correct rate. Regular stock takes will also help you to stay on top of things. Discover more stock control tips on our blog.

Retail Display

4. Retail Display

Retail displays should never be an afterthought. This can be where you make a significant amount of additional profit if the displays are enticing enough for customers. You need to rotate stock regularly so that regulars don’t get bored of what they are seeing.

You should also make sure your signage makes the displays more accessible, offering additional information about the product names, prices and the benefits. 

5. Waiting Area

The waiting area is often the customer’s first impression of your salon. Keep things organised by having a system to rotate magazines and keep things tidy. Digital advertising can be used to showcase your other services and this can lead to lucrative upsells. Again, like your retail displays, you need to update these regularly to keep your customers interested.

Adding small Instagrammable touches to your waiting area can also help to increase brand awareness. And small reminders to leave a review or check in to the venue can further help you to achieve these goals.

Sanitation and Hygiene

6. Sanitation and Hygiene

The days of COVID protocols might be behind us, but customers still want to know that everything is cleaned and sanitised regularly. Place cleaning stations throughout your salon so that staff can quickly grab everything they need to keep their spaces clean.

You should also implement labelled recycling bins to help reduce the amount of salon waste sent to landfill.

7. Employee Communication

Keeping employees organised is nearly always about making sure you have effective forms of communication. Using a digital system for messaging your staff will help to avoid miscommunications. So skip the paper schedule taped to the wall of the staff room and switch to a digital method that allows your employees to check their schedule from anywhere.

You should also hold regular meetings with your team to discuss important issues and ensure that organisation protocols are understood and followed. Keeping your team involved with the decision making process can help them to feel more invested and involved.

Client Records

8. Client Records

Keeping accurate client records is one of the most effective ways to improve customer service. You can track things like past preferences and services, allergies and even their drink preferences. 

It’s important that you keep client records safe, as they will contain sensitive contact information. Keeping digital records will allow you to keep them safe behind a firewall. Any information stored on the cloud should be password protection with 2-factor authentication. You should also make sure your staff are careful about how they access this information and never use a public, unsecured network to access client data.

9. Storage Solutions

Sometimes all you need to get organised in your salon is to make sure that everything has a place. Head to your local DIY store and find storage solutions for everything. You could use plastic storage bins, baskets, peg boards and more to help get things organised around your salon. You should also invest in a label maker so you can mark where everything should go so there isn’t any confusion. 

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