June 28, 2024

Top Ways Hairdressers Can Build Strong Client Relationships

Top Ways Hairdressers Can Build Strong Client Relationships

There are two types of customers you need to focus on as a salon owner. These are new and returning customers. The way you reach each type of customer will be very different, and nurturing both types of relationship is essential to running a successful salon.

If you want to build strong relationships with your clients and ensure you have their loyalty, you need to have a customer retention mindset. So, while you might always be looking to attract new customers to your salon, this shouldn’t be at the expense of your loyal followers.

In this guide, we’re looking at some of the most popular methods for building excellent client relationships that will ensure your customers keep coming back time after time.

Don’t reserve the best offers for new clients

Don’t reserve the best offers for new clients

While customers might be tempted in the door the first time with a new client offer, you need to make sure you value loyalty as much as you value new clients. 

What do we mean by this? 

If the customers who have been choosing your salon for years on end see you offering incredible promotions to new customers and not reserving any of the love for existing customers, there will be no incentive for them to not consider heading to a rival salon to make the most of their new customer deals.

To counter this, make sure you offer exclusive deals to your most loyal customers that aren’t available to anyone else. This will show them that you appreciate them choosing your salon every time.

Put their needs before sales

Customers appreciate when their needs come before the possibility of a sale. What does this look like in practice? It’s all about thinking about what will really benefit the client and which services would be best suited to their needs.

New salon owners are often tempted to use hard sales tactics to upsell to each and every customer, but this method won’t buy you any loyalty. Instead, make sure you are offering genuine expertise and recommendations that will really benefit the customer.

Remember that the customer trusts you, so don’t recommend treatments they don’t need just to secure a sale.

Ask questions

Ask questions

There’s a lot of focus on small talk as part of the salon experience, but you can improve the relationship between stylist and client by simply asking questions. Remember that you are the expert, so while the customer might have an idea in mind about what they would like to achieve, you might be able to guide them towards something better suited to them.

The key to offering a superior service to a rival salon is to simply ask questions. When a customer asks for something specific, dive a little deeper to find out their motivation. You can also ask questions about their lifestyle and hobbies to determine if their choice is going to be sustainable.

An example of this would be a customer who is looking to get a fringe for the first time. You might ask questions about their lifestyle to find out if they have the time to style it every day. If not, you could guide them towards a curtain fringe which will be less maintenance. 

Remember the little details

Remember the little details

You see hundreds of customers every week, so it makes sense that only a few of them will stand out. But individual customers will only see one stylist, so they’ll have a much better recollection of their visit to your salon.

You don’t have to retain endless information about every single customer in your head. Instead, you’re going to fake it by making a client file that includes key information about their preferences.

Before you see a repeat customer, have a quick glance over their file. You’ll be able to see important information such as their colour formulation and preferences. You can also pick up on the little details such as how they take their coffee. It’s also a nice touch if you can refresh your memory of the type of hairstyles they request.

All of these small details add up to the customer feeling important and valued in your salon. This is something that they absolutely cannot get elsewhere, so this is what sets you apart from the competition.

Keep communication flowing

Keep communication flowing

A strong mailing list strategy is a great way to build loyalty. What does this look like? First, you need to be respectful of your client’s contact details. Don’t spam them with messages that aren’t targeted to their needs.

A well targeted text and email marketing programme will help to build trust and loyalty. You can also set up bespoke appointment reminders that are perfect for their needs. For example, you know how long they will typically go between appointments, so you can remind them when they are due again.

Reward loyalty

A loyalty programme will let your regular customers know that you appreciate them coming back to you time and time again. There are many ways to run a client loyalty programme, including points for every service, points for the value of the service, or a referral scheme.

If your customer has a large social media following, this could turn into a lot of free or discounted treatments for them and a lot of new customers for you.

Review your in-salon experience

It’s common for successful salons to get complacent on the basics. Before long, you get so busy with customers that you forget to make sure they’re having an experience when they visit you.

Review the customer experience from start to finish, including how they book an appointment, what happens when they arrive, and what happens during the appointment. You might spot some easy areas that need improvement, such as the way they are greeted when they arrive at the salon.

If you’re feeling brave, you could even opt for a “secret shopper” experience, where an unknown individual will visit your salon and report on what it is like to visit. You can set the questions, so you can learn more about how customers interact with your brand.

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