July 11, 2023

How to Attract and Retain Your Clients

How to Attract and Retain Your Clients

Repeat clients are essential for a thriving business. Most salon services are required more than once per year, so you can be confident that you’re good at what you’re doing if your customers choose to return to you time and time again.

It’s not only a testament to your skills and expertise, but it also indicates that you’re doing something right with your marketing. While some people will return to the same salon time and time again once they have found a place they like, others may need a little convincing.

If you’re looking for ways to increase client retention and help turn your most loyal clients into your best marketing tool, read on!

What influences client retention?

Your clients have a lot of choice when it comes to picking a salon. You’ll know from your market research that the competition out there is fierce. And while you might know that you offer something completely unique, this isn’t always obvious to your customers. They might not have the required level of knowledge to understand that you offer something unique.

Why clients might return to the same salon

There are many reasons that a client might return to the same salon instead of venturing somewhere new, and these include:

  • The received a good service and were happy with the results
  • You are in a convenient location
  • You have availability that suits their lifestyle
  • You offer a competitive price or added extras that make it worthwhile
  • You offer a loyalty system
  • You enjoy a cult status that your customers want to buy into

Every customer is unique. Some will be motivated by price alone. Others will be looking for convenience. And others will be more concerned with sharing their experience on social media and showing that they are part of the tribe that follows your salon.

Understanding that everyone is motivated by different things is one of the keys to increasing client retention. When we understand this simple psychological fact, it’s easy to see that we shouldn’t be offering one reason to return, we should be offering multiple reasons to return.

How to attract and retain more clients to your salon

Here are some of the ways you could attract and retain more clients to your salon:

Educate your clients

They won’t know why you are the best or why you offer a superior service without a little bit of education. You can highlight the dangers or downsides to choosing a cheaper alternative. Or you can show how you offer a superior service throughout your social media posts. This isn’t about bashing other salons, it’s about building up your own. When your clients know what they are paying for when they choose you, they can make informed decisions based on insight.

Offer clear pricing

Customers that are motivated by price will appreciate clear pricing. It’s common to offer an introductory price for new customers to get them through the door. You can then use a loyalty scheme to help sweeten the deal every time they return. 

What is important is that you are clear in your pricing, so that customers know the introductory rate and the regular rate, so they can make an informed decision. Clarity is more important in this instance, as it will help customers to understand if they can afford to continue using your services. 

Offer a loyalty scheme

Offer a loyalty scheme

As mentioned above, a loyalty scheme is a common follow up to an introductory offer. Rather than continually offering money off the main service, consider offering additional services for free, such as a deep conditioning treatment or a discount on a colour service. Every time they book, they’ll have the option for a new discount.

You can also offer a referral service so that your loyal customers can become your best marketing tool. Offer the customer and anyone they refer a discount on their next booking. If every customer refers 2 new customers, you’ll experience an explosion in bookings for new and repeat customers.

Nurture your social media following

Landing a booking at your salon should feel like a special event, so make your customers feel this way on social media. Nurture your social media following and make sure you are reposting content from your happy customers. This will help them to feel like part of the inside crowd, which could encourage them to keep coming back time and time again.

Making your salon Instagram-worthy is another simple trick for encouraging more repeat custom. These small elements will make individuals feel like they are part of the “in crowd” which will encourage them to return time and time again to retain their spot.

Streamline your marketing

Streamline your marketing

At the end of the appointment, give the customers a chance to book a follow up appointment for 6-8 weeks time. If the treatment needs to be completed more often, make the appointment sooner. You can offer an incentive to book on the day, such as money off their next treatment. Be sure to send appointment reminders closer to the date. 

And if the customer doesn’t book, follow up with an invitation to book after a specific period. You can automate this with your salon booking software to take the stress of our repeat custom marketing. Automated marketing is your best friend when it comes to encouraging customers to book again. 

Make it easy to opt out 

While you’re engaging in automated marketing, make sure you aren't at risk of annoying your customers. Nothing will make a relationship between a customer and a brand go sour faster than poor marketing etiquette. Offer a simple way to opt out of your marketing messages, and trust that the customer will return in their own time if they are keen to use your services again.

It can feel like a defeat when a customer leaves and doesn't come back, but try not to focus on the losses. Focus your attention on capturing new customers and encouraging repeat customers to continue using your service. This is a far better use of your time than chasing the reluctant customers that don’t want to hear your marketing message.

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