February 22, 2019

Is It Time To Hire An Assistant Salon Manager?

Salon Manager

When it comes to hiring new salon staff, finding the right people is essential. Your salon culture and reputation rest on the people running the show. And when it comes to hiring your first assistant salon manager, the stakes are even higher.

You will be trusting this person to keep things running smoothly while you’re not around. And handing over the reigns for the first time can be truly terrifying.

But the alternative is equally terrifying. When you’re building a business, you can’t neglect your health or forget about your social life. You need to be able to take a step back and enjoy your success!

Are you working 6 or sometimes 7 days a week?

Do you regularly work through lunch to make sure everything gets done?

Do you miss your friends and family?

Then it’s time to hire an assistant manager!

Hiring an assistant salon manager can help you to re-balance your life and ensure you stay sane and enjoy your success. But when do you know if it’s the right time? Here are 5 signs you need to start looking for an assistant salon manager.

You can afford it!

In the early days of running a salon, you probably take care of everything yourself because you have to. As your salon grows in popularity and becomes more financially stable, keep a close eye on the books, You might soon see that there is enough spare money at the end of every month to think about hiring some help.

Affordability isn’t the only reason to hire someone to help you out. Sometimes, you may be holding your business back by not focusing on the tasks that can help you grow. If you’re spending all of your time on day-to-day operations rather than big-picture planning, it might be time to hire some help.

Many assistant salon managers will be willing to work for a basic salary in exchange for training and profit sharing if you hit your targets.

You have a job description ready to go

Can you imagine how an assistant salon manager would spend their whole day? If you can only think of a handful of tasks that they could help with then it might not be time to hire someone new.

Instead, think about how you can share the tasks between the people already working in the salon. It might be time for key staff to step up and take on more responsibility.

You’re ready to delegate

Delegating is an important skill to learn. It’s not easy! Especially when you’ve been running the show since the beginning. When you hire an assistant salon manager, you’re trusting your entire business in their hands.

If you’re hoping to create a more healthy work/life balance, this might mean leaving them in charge a few days a week.

Or even better– taking a holiday!

You’ve made a two-year plan

Have you made a detailed and kick-ass two-year plan?

And can you imagine trying to achieve all of that without a little help?

Then it’s time to get an assistant salon manager!

When you’re running a salon, it’s easy to get caught up in the here and now. The day-to-day demands take priority over any future plans. But having a longer-term vision could take your salon to new heights.

It’s possible to free up some time and energy by switching processes to cloud-based salon management software like Salon Iris. But if you’re still struggling to see how you could achieve your goals even after this, then it’s time to get some help!

You find the right person

If you meet someone who is keen to learn and excited about the prospect of working in your salon, it makes sense to snap them up. You want to be surrounded by people who inspire you to do your best work. Hiring the right people for your business is one of the most important things to get right. So if someone walks into your life who would be a great fit for your salon, it might be time to step up and hire your first assistant salon manager.

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