Some of the most, frequently asked question.

Booking a Demo

How do I book my demo?

All you need to do is fill in the request form click button below. Alternatively, please feel free to call us on 0121 314 4402 (option 1) or email us at info@saloniris.co.uk with your details and we will get in touch with you as soon as we possibly can.

How long does a demo take?

A Salon Iris demo with one of our dedicated team will usually take around 1 hour, but if you would like to spend more or less time with us, then it is completely up to you. We’re here to help you at your own pace.

We will take the time to show you all the ways in which Salon Iris can make your life easier, whilst helping you grow your business and boosting your profits.

We perform our demos online. That way they can be conducted either in the business or even in the comfort of your own home. All we need is a computer with an internet connection and we can get connected and show you why we are the best.

Can I try out salon iris in my business before I buy?

Yes you can! 

Speak to a member of our sales team on 0121 314 4402 (option 1) and they will arrange for you to have a free, no obligation 14 day trial.

Switching to Salon Iris

I use another system. Can you move my data over to salon iris?

Yes we can! 

We can usually import your clients, services and products straight into Salon Iris. Give us a call on 0121 314 4402 (option 1) and speak to our team who will advise you on what can be moved over to your new system.

I don’t use a computer system currently. Why should I stop using my pen and paper book?

Salon Iris gives you everything your pen and paper book does and a whole lot more!

As well as being able to track your appointments, clients, staff and sales all in one place, it gives you the ability to reach out to a whole host of new customers through things like online and Facebook booking, client apps and more!

Is there a contract period with salon iris?

The contract period is just 12 months

The Perfect System

Why Salon Iris?

Salon Iris is tailored for you! 

From a single employee business, all the way through to multi location franchises, we can offer the perfect solution for you!

Do I need an amazing computer to run Salon Iris

Salon Iris is designed to run on a variety of different specification machines. By no means do you need an ultra high-end system to run our software.

Click here to learn the minimum specification needed for Salon Iris or call our sales team who will explain exactly what you need.

Apple customers can click here for our dedicated Apple specifications page.

Will I need anything else in my business to run Salon Iris?

Salon Iris offers you everything you could need to run your business. 

As well as a fully comprehensive booking system, a built in marketing suite, full business reporting and remote access to your appointment book from any P.C, laptop or smartphone/tablet.

How can Salon Iris help run my business?

Salon Iris allows you to easily book & track appointments, manages your staff, stock and working schedules, track client purchases & formula histories & so much more!

You can also send SMART SMS appointment reminders, remotely access your appointment book from anywhere for those on the fly changes and even offer your customers online and Facebook booking! Salon Iris really does do it all!

How can Salon Iris help grow my business?

Salon Iris does the work for you. So you can spend more time with your clients and really focus on giving them the best customer experience.

Integrated Facebook booking means that you have access to thousands on potential new clients, marketing campaigns can be automatically sent to your clients, bringing them back to your business.

Allow clients to book appointments on the move with your own dedicated Salon App, available for Apple and Android customers!

What if my internet goes down?

Unlike cloud only services, with Salon Iris, your database is safely secured with you on your P.C. 

So if the internet goes down, your business doesn’t!

Is my data safe and secure?

Absolutely! Nothing is more important to us than making sure that your database is safe and secure!

As well as giving you the ability to password protect your database so that no one else can ever access it without the password, we also offer a full back up system that takes a copy of your database every few hours and stores it on a military grade secure server in the UK.

Let Us Help You

Where is your support team based?

Our support team are based at our head offices in the UK. They are dedicated to making sure you get the very best customer support. Period!

How can I get training for my staff?


We get connected to your system and can provide any training that you may need, as often as you need.

When does my support and training period end?

Subscription customers get unlimited support & training, both over the phone or via email. All of our customers also have access to our support knowledge base on our website.

About Salon Iris

What is the history of Salon Iris?

Salon Iris was originally set up by salon owners back in 2001. Since then, we have dedicated ourselves to providing a service that is right for all businesses, whilst offering the finest customer service and support around.

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