November 25, 2015

Christmas is coming


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It’s that time of year again.

The leaves are falling off the trees, your mornings are darker and colder and you are greeted by Christmas decorations in every shop.

You can try to ignore it for as long as possible, too many presents to buy and too much planning for your home, but it’s never too late to make your salon Christmas ready.

Decorate the salon: Invest in some merry decorations for your salon and throw out all the mismatched baubles you’ve accumulated over the years. Try to theme your Christmas tree and tinsel with your salon colours, if your branding is purple and silver then go all out on those colours, everyone likes a bit of colour coordination right?

Use Christmas to sell your products: It’s time to get creative on this one! Sure it’s nice & simple to buy pre-packaged gift sets that are full of hair products, but what happens come January when you’ve still got boxes full plus all of your previous products too? Head down to your nearest craft shop to purchase red and golden ribbon, colourful boxes, and festive wrapping paper and create your own gift packages.

 Coffee and Mugs: It’s always the small touches that create the lasting impression with your customers. Choose some festive mugs for this time of the year to add a bit of cheer into the salon and even consider a seasonal beverage.

It may only be a small investment but you can be sure that your cocoa with cream and marshmallows or your caramel latté will be the talk of the shop.

Social media makeover: It’s not just your salon that you can decorate; why not add festivities to your social media pages too. Adding holiday theming pictures such as holly or Christmas trees to your profile pictures and banners will create a Christmas feel across the board. It’s a great time of year to have a team photo too, this will be great for existing and future customers to feel your staff are friendly faced and approachable.

Marketing: What a great time of year to really get out there and market your services to your customers. Sending a mass email with your Christmas offers on will remind your customers to get their holiday hair appointment booked. You can offer any type of offer which you think will work for your salon; a great one to use is offering a £5 voucher to anyone purchasing a £25 gift card as a Christmas gift.

So wrap up warm, get in the festive mood and share the Christmas cheer!


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