August 8, 2017

How To Build Your Email Client Base


To make the most of your marketing services within Salon Iris, it is important that you have a healthy database full of client email addresses.

Sending out good offers and important notices is great for your business but not so helpful if they don’t reach many people.
It is important to have an accurate and complete database so as to increase bookings, improve loyalty and potentially boost an individual’s spending habits.
Getting email addresses out of customers can be a daunting process but continue reading to find out easy ways of doing so.


Brand new customers

It may seem awkward to ask a brand new customer into your business for their email address as the client hasn’t yet had their service and may not be so willing to hand over so many personal details on their first visit.

It is important to firstly welcome your new client through your doors and allow them to enjoy their experience before hounding them for personal information. It is a lot easier to convince someone to return to your salon if they have just enjoyed their experience rather than trying to convince them to return before they have seen how good your salon is.

Once you have earnt their trust after they have experienced their service then talk to them on the way to the reception desk to process their payment. Inform them of all the offers you send out via email and ask if they would be willing to provide their email address and explain how you wouldn’t want them to miss out on any upcoming offers.

Existing clients

If you have been running off paper and pen for a while or are generally new to Salon software then you won’t have many if at all any email addresses as thus far you have had no need for them. If you have run up a good relationship with your client then it may be as simple as just asking them politely and explaining that you now have computer software. If they are still not willing then here are a few ideas that may convince them to do so.

  • If you want to run a large campaign in convincing people to give you their email addresses then a competition will be a great technique. To enter your competition they will need to give their email address which you can save within your software. You can then decide how you will find the winner, such as picking a name from a hat or using a random name generator you can find on the internet. Make them aware that by giving you their email address for the competition they are also signing up for your marketing emails.
  • Use client feedback as a way of obtaining their email address. Ask your clients to fill out a feedback form where they will write their email address on so they can enter the prize draw. Make them aware that their email address will be used for marketing emails in the future.
  • Explain to your clients that your salon proactively uses email marketing to send out offers and discounts so if they sign up then they can receive these offers as well.
  • Simply make checking email addresses a habit of your employees; just ask the simple question as you check your client out after their service.

Make sure with all techniques you make the client aware that they will receive future emails and that they can unsubscribe from these if they wish, this is a legal requirement.

Also it is important to inform your staff of the legal requirements of taking customers personal information such as email privacy policy. Your employees should assure your customers that you will never abuse nor share their contact details with any third party.

Now that you have a database full of email addresses, take full advantage and start sending out your email marketing campaigns.

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