Answer Machine Etiquette


Is your answer phone message damaging your business without you realising?

It is just set to the usual ‘We are too busy right now, leave a message’. This may be just fine in your homes but in your business this shouts ‘We are too busy to talk to our valued customers’.

When a customer calls up a business and just gets an answer phone message it can leave them frustrated and annoyed that they haven’t been able to get through to a person who can help them. More times than not the customer will hang up leaving no message wondering which company they can call next to get the service that they need. This means you as a business are losing money because you haven’t given your customer a positive alternative option.

So how do you record a message that will leave your customers feeling positive and informed that they are important?

First off never say that you are unavailable, this shows the customer that you are not coming to the phone without a reason and your customer may just hang up and go elsewhere. Instead use words to the effect of ‘All of our stylists are currently busy with our customers.’

Now that they know your stylists are busy with other clients then it’s time to inform them of an alternative option that they may not have known is available to them, online booking. Try using words to the effect of, ‘Did you know you can book your appointment online or from our Facebook page?’ This eliminates any barriers for your customer to book in their all-important service with your business.

Finish your message off with a polite notice that if they leave their name and number they will be contacted straight back.

Here is our vision of a perfect answer phone message to help keep your customers happy!

‘All of our stylists are currently busy with our customers; did you know you can book your appointment online or from our Facebook page? Alternatively, if you would like a call back please leave your name and number after the beep and we will get back to you as soon as we can.’



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