October 4, 2019

8 Tips To Increase Profits In Your Salon Or Spa This Winter

Increase Profits In Your Salon Or Spa This Winter

Running a spa or salon presents an interesting challenge. While you might have times of the year when you are run off your feet, other times you might struggle to get people through the doors. January is typically a tough time for everyone, so it’s important to head into the new year with a healthy profit margin. With this in mind, we’re sharing some of our top tips for increasing sales in your salon or spa this winter. 

1. Start planning for Christmas NOW

It might seem like you’re jumping the gun, but your customers are already thinking about Christmas so you should be too. Getting your schedule fully booked for the run up to Christmas can help you to identify any opportunities to increase profits. For example, could you increase your hours on the run up to Christmas and reward your staff with more time off in January?

2. Sell gift vouchers

‘Tis the season to make gift giving even easier. Gift vouchers are a great addition to your reception desk as they are simple and eye-catching. Recipients can claim their beauty pampering treat in January or beyond, so you don’t need to worry about a lull in the quiet period after Christmas. They’re also great for last minute gifts, so make sure you advertise them right up until closing on Christmas eve. 

If you use Salon Iris salon software then you will know that we offer gift voucher support. If you don’t have salon software, you could have your own vouchers printed and simply write the voucher amount on them. If you do this, make sure you mark them with your own serial number to prevent anyone duplicating your vouchers.

3. Offer gift wrapping

If you have items for sale in your spa or salon, why not spruce them up with some gift wrap. Putting beauty products together in a gift basket or offering gift wrapping on electrical items like hair dryers can make gift giving a no brainer. Last minute shoppers, in particular, will appreciate this option as it means they can give it to the recipient right away. 

4. Raise your prices

If you’ve been thinking about raising your prices for a while, don’t let the winter period put you off. If bookings are already flooding in for the Christmas period, now is the time to announce a price increase. If you increase the price of a £50 service by 10%, it will go up to £55. Your customers will barely notice this price increase, but you will be adding 10% to your income without changing a thing. The festive season will even give you an excuse to get new price lists printed.

5. Think about November and January

While most people will try to book their appointment for as close to Christmas as possible, others will be quick to pick up a great deal. Offer discounts on popular treatments in November and January. The most price-sensitive customers will be more willing to get their treatments early or late to enjoy a great deal.

6. Group your services

Christmas is party season, so you can guarantee some of your customers will be looking for multiple treatments. Upsell your treatments by grouping them together. For example, you could offer an express manicure and pedicure with a spray tan. This is a simple way to upsell and cross sell your services.

All salon staff should be trained to upsell and cross sell not only services but also products. Around Christmas time, people are not just thinking about themselves. They also want to find sweet and unique gifts for loved ones. This could be a good time to increase your stock of popular products and also group them together into thoughtful gift baskets.

7. Offer festive beverages

As the weather gets colder, offer festive beverages like mulled wine or hot chocolate to your visitors. Or if you’re feeling glitzy, you could offer all visitors to your salon a glass of fizz with every treatment throughout December. This will be a great marketing tool and could help fill up those final few spaces in your calendar.

8. Take a deposit

Nothing will eat into your seasonal profits quite like a no-show. To cut down on no shows during this period, you could think about requesting a deposit for bookings. For those booking well in advance, this might be a welcome request as it means that they can spread the cost of their treatment. By asking for a non-refundable deposit, you can protect yourself against no-shows.

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