July 2, 2019

6 Salon Tanning Marketing Ideas

Salon Tanning Marketing Ideas

When you’re running a tanning salon, there are times when you will be busy and times when you will be chasing customers. In the summer months, you might struggle to convince people to pay for something that is available for free outside. That said, if people are heading on holiday and want to get a good base tan, you can sell them a quick solution to their problem. If you’re ready to take your tanning salon marketing to the next level, try these incredible ideas...

Make it easier to book

If a person has to call up and find out about what services you offer, you’re going to lose out on business. You’ll also need to have someone on hand who can take the calls and manually manage all of the bookings.

By using tanning salon software, you can put the entire process online. Visitors will then have time to think about their needs and then book their appointment at a time to suit them. If you offer online booking, make sure you shout about it in your social media and email communications!

Offer a bespoke promotion

When you are running a tanning salon, you will likely need to keep track of your client’s ages. In order to ensure everyone is tanning responsibly, asking for a date of birth may be included in the booking process. Now that you have a database of birthdays, phone numbers and email addresses, you can use this information to create bespoke offers. 

You could send your clients a complimentary tanning session when they book any treatment in your salon within 1 month of their birthday. They will love the personalised nature of this offer.

Offer a loyalty discount

If you are always offering discounts on your services, before long, people will just wait for the discounts to circulate. Think about it; has anyone ever paid full price for a Dominoes pizza? Instead of offering money off every visit, try creating a loyalty scheme. 

This can be difficult to manage when running a tanning salon as you don’t want to appear to be promoting unhealthy tanning habits. Instead, you could offer a complimentary service – such as a full-body scrub and massage – for every 10 visits.


You should always look for opportunities to sell a more expensive and superior service in your salon. If you’ve got a brand new sun bed that your regulars don’t know about, you could offer them an upgrade on their existing booking for a small fee. This way, you get the word out about your new services without having to give a discount to new customers.


In addition to upselling your services, you can also cross-promote. For example, if you run a tanning salon with a nail salon attached, you could create a cross-promotion. If someone is getting ready for a special holiday, they might consider getting a manicure or pedicure if this service is offered. Think about your client's needs and how you can better meet them with cross-promotions.

Offer a group discount

And finally, if you want to fill blocks of time, you could offer a discount for group bookings. For example, you could offer a girl’s holiday package, which includes a spray tan, manicure and complimentary prosecco when booked in groups of 6 or more. This type of booking would also be popular with wedding parties and girls heading to prom.

These are just some of the ideas you can use to market your tanning salon business in 2019. If you are creative and passionate, you can deliver an exceptional service that will have people coming back time and time again. 


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